Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nice Hailstorm in May...Or is it snow in May...just kidding...

Nothing like a thunderstorm that turns into a hailstorm in May!  The hail was only marble size at most but it still took out my smaller squash plants, cucumbers and some leaves off all my pepper plants with all its pelting of hail.  Oh and it chopped off a part of the raspberry bulb stalk I planted which is wood! One thing of pepper seedlings got completely flooded out because it was raining so hard the gutters overflowed right down into it.  It was a river of hail, mud and water.  I almost went out and tried to salvage something but at that point the hail massacre already occurred and I was not really into get wet, muddy and gross.  Or struck by lightening!  Although I did not sleep well, and woke up with a migraine and a cat that wanted to go out.  Fortunately some Excedrin and back to bed got rid of it.  Wanted to post my pictures of mass destruction and then I have to finish packing and shower so I can head to Detroit in the morning with Kiwi, and Bailey for Nick and Kristen's Wedding on Saturday!

So I replanted some more seeds and hopefully we will not have any more hail storms or my peppers will definitely die, a couple leaves and they should be okay.  They just got to survive the move and we will be good.

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