Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spaghetti Squash...Monday

So I'm really excited by the fact that I'm growing two kinds of spaghetti squash this year a container variety and a winter variety.  I've really enjoyed experimenting with sauces and toppings to eat with the squash or just salted and peppered.   I posted pictures before but this time I made sure to capture a step by step account.

One Spaghetti Squash Approximately 2lbs

Cut the ends off then, Cut the Squash in half

Then all the seeds and stringy guts have to be removed

Once its nice and clean, Oil and Salt and Pepper the inside of each squash

Place Flesh side down on baking sheet, 
Cook 45-60 minutes until inside is tender and shreds with a fork

Ready to Eat!

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