Saturday, February 28, 2015

Self-Destructing Washing Machine

I have a King sized  Allerease allergen mattress pad that had been washed many times in my parents high capacity Samsung 4.0 washer without any issues.  Its a little bit thicker than a typical mattress pad so it's always washed alone.  Well the washer totally went off the deep end last Saturday.  It had been previously serviced under warranty for a pump that needed attached somewhere else (flooded the laundry room that time since it was during a rinse cycle).  
Anyway it went all the way through the whole process and with 11 minutes left and with no warning/error notice or shutoff, my mom who was in the kitchen cleaning, saw it lift up and twist apart.  Funny thing is that the mattress pad was still balanced in the washer even though the  drum was ripped off the frame.   I have heard of them "walking" if they were off balance but never heard of anything like this.  Neither did the manufacturer or the repair service company that does warranty services for Lowe's.
  According to the repairman he thinks the shocks to the washer malfunctioned and that's what caused it to malfunction.   We are just lucky it did not harm anyone in the process!   The washing machine was just purchased in 2012 and had a 5 year warranty purchased with it, so that was the upside to the whole ordeal.  Funny thing is the repairman did not recommend one brand over the other he just recommended an extended warranty service because $109 bucks for 5 years is much better than $400 plus to replace a washer that suddenly busted.
Below are some pictures of the washer, since a washer tearing apart is not that common.

First Look 

Lifting The Lid

More Damage

Front View Of Damage

Plastics Dispensers And Parts Everywhere Inside


Overview Front Lid Open

Empty With Just Water and Screws That Tore Out.