Thursday, September 25, 2014

Garden Updates

Well the garden topsoil grew some plants better than others.  My poor spaghetti squash got destroyed by squash bugs (nasty little beetles and maggot like larva).  Then cucumber beetles decided to try and take out the cucumbers which have already been slow to grow.  I guess the fact that all the cucumbers were from seed is a victory in itself that they are still alive and growing.  I also finally grew a successful sunflower head from the burpee mammoth sunflower seeds although I would not consider the head to be mammoth sized.  Fortunately, I found three other sunflower plants at the nursery and they grew some large sunflower heads which should keep Kiwi a happy foraging parrot once they are dried out.

The only plants that seem to have taken off were the grape tomatoes and the yellow/green beans.  My brussel sprouts are growing even though they are under constant assault by the nasty cabbage worm/moth that is relentless.