Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and Ebates

I finally purchased a Kitchen Aid stand mixer!  Long overdue since I have just about killed both my hand mixers in all my baking adventures.  The mixers are always fairly expensive but a wise investment if your going to use them.   Ebates was offering 15% cash back at JcPenney for triple cash back week and I just could not say no to $54.75 cash back in my pocket.  The opportunities for cash back are limitless and they just started offering cashback in-store via the Ebates app.  No fees, No loopholes, just free money back for shopping  via Paypal or check.  Link below to join.  If your not interested, your loss, seriously.  Enjoy the pictures of my new stand mixer.

Boysenberry: Was going to order Cinnamon gloss to match my tea kettle, but decided on this one in the end.

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