Monday, May 19, 2014

It was a pretty productive day...

Well I got some things packed and brought some boxes and packing materials from my storage in the basement while I did some laundry.  I ran to the bank to get more quarters so I could do laundry and fill my bike tires with air since they were flat from sitting inside all winter.  Well I put in my bike standing up fine but it decided to fall down of course.  So I filled the tires, and headed home.  But when I went to take it out, like I've done millions of time's over the years as I used this bike all through the college years especially during the summer months, it pinched me or so I thought.  I think the emblem that used to be flat that now is lifted on the sides sliced my finger open, it's not that deep but it did slice all the way down the the dermal layer.
We got a looked worse than it was...

Before I trimmed the excess skin flap
Ouch it hurts...NuSkin was a fun experience but no worse than the fire sensation every time I washed my hands!

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