Friday, January 29, 2016

SlimFast VoxBox

My latest Influenster Voxbox featured SlimFast products which I was excited to try and evaluate my complementary samples. I received a protein shake, protein bar, some baked crisps sour cream and onion chips and some 100 calorie cinnamon drizzled crisps to evaluate.

The protein bar had good flavor, was not overly sweet or heavy.  It had almonds for protein and dark chocolate and sea salt which gave it a nice flavor profile.  All the products had a nice flavor and did not necessarily taste low calorie or diet like some low calorie products tend to.  The cinnamon drizzled crisps taste exactly like cinnamon toast crunch and easily could be eaten with milk as a lower calorie alternative to cereal.  The shake was creamy, rich chocolate that keeps you full up to four hours if you are too busy to eat or need to eat on the run.  The baked sour cream crisps were not my favorite because they were pretty strong, and I am not much of a baked chip fan.  They also come in BBQ flavor, but I would of rather tried a plain salted flavor if it was available.

 Tastes just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch!  Add some milk or eat alone as a snack!