Thursday, June 26, 2014

Foxglove and Catmint

Foxglove on top and Cat Mint (Walker's low) on the bottom.  Need to update the pictures they are planted now in the dirt, since its been leveled out since we got topsoil.

My Boys!

 Boomer and Bailey!
Bailey passed out on the couch

Garden Update

Here's some more garden update pictures from a couple days ago, I need to take some more I've got more stuff growing fast, and I have moved some radishes to give them more space.
 Ringneck in the garden

 Two squash and some radish seedlings.
 Strawberries, everbearing, variety.  
 Squash and cucumber.
 Squash, Kale and nasturium.
 Blueberry plant, with one blueberry, just planted this year.  
 Picked up some green onions and celery also, no room in the garden.  

 Added some beets I picked up when I went out to dinner with my Grandpa last Saturday.
 Got some more Swiss chard to supplement the seedlings I grew but not sure they will do as well.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

@Staples you have your new Spokes-bird

Kiwi loves to play in the shredder (unplugged of course), or in a box of shredding before its recycled.  Kiwi loves her Mailmate Shredder...its fun to dig around in the paper shreddings, especially if there's a big container of them, she hops right in and ducks her head in like a duck underwater its hilarious to watch!


Finally was able to get the garden set up and bought some more plants after the move.  Moved most of the plants out of the pots but still have a few that are in pots.  These are pictures from right after we planted on them on the 8th.  I need to update the pictures since the fence is not finished here and the plants have grown more.

 Walker's low catmint,  Bailey was not interested in my one I had last year but is licking the leaves on this one!

Bailey's Birthday (June 9th)

I finally have gotten around to posting the pictures from Bailey's Birthday from last Monday.  I cannot believe my little boy is three years old! He got a  nice tuna cheddar catnip cake baked for his birthday from a premade cat cake/treats I got from Drs Foster and Smith.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes...

I am definitely surrounded by a ton of boxes, some that I have unpacked some that I need to unpack, some that will stay packed and some that need repacked.  Packing is never fun, and I am always told I have lots of stuff, especially now that I had tons of furniture to move also.  Oh and all my garden plants.  I guess I would have brought some more stuff home when I came home for the wedding had I known that I would not be bringing my car back with me which messed up extra space since I had to bring back Kiwi and Bailey with me.  It was 89 degrees and humid which made moving pretty miserable.  To make matters worse I was not only overheated but got the worst migraine I have gotten in a long time.  My forehead was killing me, I was both hot and was horrible.  Somehow I managed to down some Excedrin, hurry and return my DVR box to Charter who actually was open till 5pm not just till 1pm on that particular Saturday (would of been nice to know).

In hindsight I do not think I took any magnesium supplements that day with all the chaos of waiting for the moving truck, and my body crashed and burned badly in combination with the heat.  By the time I got to the Detroit area, unloaded my animals and the truck I was driving I was feeling major nauseous and  major headache pain again.

I was out of commission for a little bit hovering over the toilet, with a wet washcloth and dry heaving.  I have not had a migraine that has made me nauseous to the point of vomiting in a long time.  I was glad that my brother's friend came over to help unload because I was not feeling well at all I would of traded anything not to feel that way.  Fortunately I was feeling slightly better to help finish some unloading.

Next time I move, I'm gonna try and just move the bare essentials and then bring the other stuff as needed since its a lot to move and pack and unpack!