Friday, September 16, 2016

Bissel MULTI Hand Vacuum

Recently, I won a Bissell MULTI Hand Vacuum in a contest, and was invited to review my experience with the vacuum.  Overall it is a great hand vacuum to have around the house.  It is compact like similar hand vacuums and those other one function hand vacuums.  I like that the majority of the tools are contained on the unit (crevice tool stores in the bottom of the unit handle by battery), expandable hose pulls with a turn of the stationary hose end attachment at top of the unit.

Twist the black end to get the flexible hose out.  Crevice tool is stored in the base of the handle by battery (area not shown)

The user guide did not recommend charging the unit prior to operation for first use.  The hand vacuum was charged but I don't believe I had a full charge as it did not last but maybe an hour the first night I unpacked it.  Since it has lights to guide were your vacuuming that could easily drain the battery fast.  It was quick and easy to pick up any dirt or pet hair on tile or carpet.  I let it charge completely to replenish itself.  You can charge for 1 hour for a boost for cleaning or 5 hours for a full charge.  The battery did last longer when charged and drained.  It also probably depends on what tools and attachments and how well the vacuum is ventilated via the filter and dirt cup.

I used the MULTI vacuum when I cleaned my parrots cage to clean around all the bird seed and toy shredding that were littered on the floor.  It picked it all up well, bird feathers included.  Carpet from my cat's scratching post will sometimes get stuck in the dusting brush but will easy dislodge and vacuum up to the canister for disposal.  The best part about the dirt canister is a release latch that you just pull to open and the bottom drops out so you don't have to touch the dirt and dust.  Some dirt may get stuck in the rim of the cup but a slight tap will empty it out.  Filter clean-up involves removing the filter from the dirt cup and rinsing it but is simple enough to remove, wash and air dry.

I also used the MULTI vacuum to vacuum out my Jeep, which saved me the hassle of dragging a shop-vac and extension cord out to vacuum my car.  It did a great job and did not kill my arm to use and I probably vacuumed my car in record time.

The most important test was how the motorized brush roll functioned.  With 3 dogs, a cat and a bird in the house we have a lot of feathers, stray hair and the normal dust and dirt to clean.  The area that seems to collect all of the above is the carpeted basement stairs.    My dad used the MULTI to clean the basement stairs which have a thick plush carpeting and it worked great with the motorized brush tool to clean the stairs.  The extension hose and extendable hose built into the MULTI are the perfect length to clean even stairs easily.
The Multi all packaged in its little briefcase box!

Even though I received this product free to try because I won a contest, I would definitely buy another when I had the opportunity because it works so great and is so versatile!

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