Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spaghetti Squash...

If anyone is looking for a no carb pasta or just avoiding gluten and want to get their servings of vegetables I recommend Spaghetti Squash.  Granted I was not sure I would quite like it but I was pleasantly surprised.  It does not taste like don't expect it to be noodle like.  It ends up shredded almost like noodles or cheese shreds with a crunchy texture.  I made my own  homemade spaghetti sauce and melted mozzarella on top and it was perfect.  

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2.  To prepare the Spaghetti squash cut off the ends
3.  Cut Squash in half
3.  Clean out seeds and slimey material
4.  Season inside of the squash with salt and pepper liberally and spray or drizzle with olive oil or similar oil ( I used Grapeseed Oil)
5. Place Squash face down and cook 1 hour or until the inside of the squash shreds easily with a fork. (It just depends on how big the squash is)  Mine was just around 2lbs so it took maybe 45 minutes at most but it just depends on the size of the squash and your oven.  

Now I'm not sure how many people I will convert to try spaghetti squash, but of course Kiwi was not very impressed with but she loves pasta and this was not pasta.  LOL Can't fool that bird.

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