Friday, June 5, 2015

Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant

I was excited to try Arm & Hammer's Truly Radiant Whitening and Strength Rinse, Truly Radiant Rejuvenating toothpaste and the Truly Radiant Deep Clean Spinbrush. I received the products free from Smiley360 and Arm and Hammer to provide my honest feedback.

The Truly Radiant Rejuvenating toothpaste leaves you with a clean fresh mouth long after you brush, and does not leave your teeth or gums sensitive. The clean feeling is similar to the after a dental cleaning fresh feeling. It does have a little bit stronger of a baking soda taste but not near as bad as other Arm & Hammer products I have tried.

 I am a long time Crest Pro-Health Clinical user because its the only toothpaste that I like both the taste and teeth/gum benefits. I have tried other whitening toothpastes and they did not remove the staining I have from coffee/tea/braces bands on my molars and the Arm and Hammer DID remove those stains considerably. I get dental cleanings every six months and the bracket stains are usually only minimized but the toothpaste faded them considerably.
The Spinbrush Truly Radiant toothbrush was kind of large for me. It is an interesting concept for a toothbrush but its bigger than my oral-b rechargeable toothbrush! It does spin around as you brush much like a electric toothbrush which may be good for travel or children because it does have a rotating head and elongated bristles to clean hard to reach places economically. 

The rinse is refreshing but not overly strong, similar to ACT products if anyone has used them, but maybe a little bit stronger like a mouthwash in flavor. I like that both products restore, protect and strengthen the enamel since a lot of foods we eat can damage the enamel of our teeth. The rinse has a lasting fresh crisp mint flavor. The rinse is peroxide and alcohol free stops stains before they start which is great because that means its not irritating to our gums and kids can use it too.

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