Thursday, June 26, 2014

Garden Update

Here's some more garden update pictures from a couple days ago, I need to take some more I've got more stuff growing fast, and I have moved some radishes to give them more space.
 Ringneck in the garden

 Two squash and some radish seedlings.
 Strawberries, everbearing, variety.  
 Squash and cucumber.
 Squash, Kale and nasturium.
 Blueberry plant, with one blueberry, just planted this year.  
 Picked up some green onions and celery also, no room in the garden.  

 Added some beets I picked up when I went out to dinner with my Grandpa last Saturday.
 Got some more Swiss chard to supplement the seedlings I grew but not sure they will do as well.

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